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  Standard Single Use Gel Pads

Standard Single Use Gel Pads

SINGLE USE viscoelastic gel pads, the futurein patient positioning support pads.

1.   The SurgiPOD gel pads are designed as single use items to eliminate the incidence of patient to patient cross infections.
2.   The gel pads can be changed in seconds and it is quicker to change pads rather than wiping down the raditional foam padding.
3.   The single use gel pads are competitively priced to be a cost effective alternative to the hospital's current positioning device and reusable vinyl pads.
4.   The polyurethane film outer membrane on the front face of the gel pad is very thin to maximize the softness and sensitivity of the viscoelastic gel inside the pad. This is the primary reason why the pads feel so good against the skin and provide superior support capabilities.
5.   The gel pads are fitted with a protective pocket on the back of the gel pad to hold the pad to the support plate and protect the patient from diathermy burns…...i.e. the support plate is fully enclosed.
6.   The gel pads provide superior support properties to reduce the incidence of pressure sores and ulcers while maintaining good blood flow between the patient and the gel pad.
7.   The SurgiPOD single use gel pads will not stick to the patient’s skin and will reduce the incidence of skin tears and ulcers from extended periods in contact with the skin.
8.   The gel pads can be used under the patient’s ankles and elbows in recovery and back to the ward to reduce pressure sores and ulcers post op.

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