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  Bolster Plate Device

The Universal Bolster Plate

The Universal Bolster Plate connects to the end of the SurgiPOD positioning arm increasing the versatility of the arm and is specifically designed for knee arthroscopies.

1.    The bolster plate can be adjusted to suit a surgeons particular preference for angle and height above the operating table. 
2.   The arrangement is very rigid and the plate has a curved face to prevent the trailing edge of the plate digging into the patient’s leg during the knee arthroscopy procedure.
3.   The bolster plate gel pad is thicker and harder than the standard positioning arm gel pads and provides superior support properties to reduce the incidence of pressure sores and ulcers while still maintaining good blood flow in the patient’s leg under the pad.
4.   The device can be quickly moved away from the operating field to give surgeons and theatre staff easy access to the patient and the arrangement can be quickly positioned beneath the operating table between procedures.

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