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  Patient Positioning Device
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The SurgiPOD Patient Positioning Device is a versatile, multi-position, quick release system that can be released in seconds, not minutes.It allows theatre staff access to the patient at all times and will not obstruct the surgeon from the patient in any way during surgery.

1.   The SurgiPOD hip positioning device is used to support patients laterally on the iliac crest points in the range of 190mm to 350mm (7.5” to 14”) spacing.
2.   Eliminate patient to patient cross infections by the use of SINGLE USE Screw on/Screw off gel pads fitted to the end of the positioning device.      
3.   Patient setup times are reduced because the device connects directly to the end of the SurgiPOD positioning arm.
4.   The device can be quickly moved away from the operating field to give surgeons and theatre staff access to the patient in emergency repositioning situations.
5.   The device can be adjusted through the sterile drapes.
6.     The replacement Screw On/ Screw Off gel pads are designed to maintain good blood flow under each pad and reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers and skin tears.

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